Super at Sixty is Independence

What makes you feel Super at Sixty? 73% of Bangalore's seniors say that INDEPENDENCE makes them feel Super at Sixty. Take the lifestyle test to get a detailed report.

Super at Sixty is Wellness

At every Primus property, you will find an obsessive focus on healthcare and wellness. An on-campus doctor, daily health check-ups and wellness programs are designed to keep you Super well after Sixty.

Super at Sixty is Usefulness

Leisure and learning programs at Primus are designed to make you feel 21 all over again. Explore all the interests you once sacrificed for lack of time. Be a super musician, painter, businesswoman at 60.

Super at Sixty is Convenience

At Primus, residents are treated to a comprehensive preventive healthcare program. Daily check-ups, nutritious food and wellness programs combine to create a super you.

Primus: A new way of living for seniors

Super at Sixty

Sixty is a time when we are no longer weighed down by responsibilities and we can spend our days doing the things we love. Unfortunately, most of the time this does not happen. Our goal was simple. To give people a luxurious, fulfilling space where they can be their super selves.

Why Primus?
Primus, by Mantri is a company focused on providing an active luxury lifestyle to seniors who want to truly feel super at sixty. We understand that at this age, people have very specific needs and we have detailed our properties to cater to each and every one of them.

Explore the projects
Primus currently has two projects in Bangalore at Kanakpura Road, neat the Art of Living Ashram. Primus Eden features ready-to-move-in homes available for lease. Primus Reflection offers homes for sale and is located diagonally opposite the ashram. 

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