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How is Primus different?

It’s because we have quality people, processes and proprietary technology platforms in place - and they are our strengths. Our people are handpicked and trained, seniors are always at the epicenter of our offerings, and our customized technology is built to be intelligent and intuitive, so that seniors and children with ageing parents get an unparalleled experience.

Does Primus offer multi-city support?

This provision is not available currently with Primus, unfortunately. We are currently located in Bangalore, but will be expanding across India. We currently operate out of India, with plans to expand our offerings to other parts of the country soon.

Why are the terms and conditions so exhaustive?
Primus does not directly provide or execute the third party services, especially on the Primus App. Therefore, we want to clearly differentiate our role as senior care aggregators, with the intent of assisting seniors in the best way possible.
Will my health information remain confidential with Primus?

Yes, absolutely. The control of how information is used and shared rests always in the hands of seniors and their children. We won’t expose any personal information — including medical files — to anyone if you or your loved ones forbid it. The details shared with us rest securely in a virtual security-protected cloud and are only accessed during service requests and updates to the health records — with knowledge and approval of seniors and their children.

When you refer to the senior care ecosystem, what do you mean?

Think of it as a facilitation of services for seniors. We bring together services, professional organizations, and third party vendors together under one umbrella to help seniors live a life of dignity and freedom. Here’s what we do: — Help senior citizens manage their needs without difficulty — Seek the help and assistance of professional organizations to ensure that senior citizens get efficient and necessary attention - Use technology to keep loved ones updated, always We don’t give direct medical advice or intervention and don’t make choices on behalf of seniors or their family.

Can I use Primus Companion TM or the Primus App occasionally without getting into a full Subscription?

Currently, we don’t have the option available for the Primus Companion TM, although it is possible to use the Primus App without a full subscription. We would recommend you get a membership, though — it doesn’t cost much and you get the full benefit of the technology platforms.

Can people other than my parents subscribe to the service?

Yes, of course! So long as they are 55 years of age or above. We would recommend checking with us first, so we can tell you what additional details we need.

I want to subscribe for more than one person. Do I get a discount on my fees?

Yes! We have special offers for multiple subscriptions, especially if the users are located in the same house. Please do let us know and we will contact you with the details.

What is your policy around cancellations and refunds?

The fees are not refundable.

My needs aren’t covered in the apps or at the Primus properties. Can Primus still help?

Definitely, because we understand that there are things that we may have not foreseen. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.

What role does Primus play in third party services?

Primus will coordinate the execution of services rendered by third parties as chosen by you or your loved ones. Although we conduct stringent quality checks on third parties, we are not responsible for the quality of their service. We also don’t get involved in the payments to be made to third parties.

Will Primus settle payments directly with third parties?

No, we won’t. The settlements will have to be made between the third party and seniors or children opting for a service.

What currency can I pay you in?

The charges are quoted in USD. You can pay the dollar equivalent in any currency using your Debit Card, Credit Card, or PayPal. When it comes to settling third party dues, though, the payments will have to be made in INR since the services are rendered in India..

Do you accept advances, to be used for settlement of bills for services at Primus properties?

Yes, we do accept advances for settlement of bills and towards hospitalization. Detailed reports of payments made will be available when you log on to the Primus Companion or Primus App. Please get in touch with us for details.

Is it possible for you to pay on my behalf and then I reimburse the same?

Unfortunately, we don’t have this facility available.


Why are your services restricted to the elderly?

It’s simple - because we are focused on providing senior care. The need for good care and effective facilitation is huge, and we can play a big part in satisfying this audience and market need.

Why should I partner with Primus? What’s in it for me?

There are several reasons why. To begin with, you gain access to overseas markets with strong ties in India. Depending on your quality of service, the possibility of permanent customer conversions is higher. You can also grow your network from the increased visibility and create an alternate revenue stream out of it.

Will Primus pay me?

All payments will come through our clients directly, and not us. We will make arrangements that will facilitate faster and easier settlements.

Will you guarantee the payments?

Our clients will pay for the services directly, so Primus’s involvement in the transaction is non-existent.

Will I have to make any financial commitments?

No, but we do expect that the service standards and SLAs are adhered to at all times.

Will I have exclusive access to the users?

You will be competing with other service providers and the choice rests with our clients. Being on our panel enables you to compete for this senior care market.

Can I partner with other companies like Primus?

Yes, absolutely. However, you will have to treat all client and Primus information shared with you with absolute confidentiality.

What are the Terms of Engagement?

It depends entirely on the services you provide.

Who will be responsible for the seniors who come to us through you?

The seniors themselves, or their children who have reached out to you, will be responsible.

Is there likely to be any liability?

The agreement stands null and void and you do not stand to lose anything financially or otherwise in this eventuality.

What happens if you close down?

The agreement stands null and void and you do not stand to lose anything financially or otherwise in this eventuality.

How do I partner with Primus?

Please get in touch with us here and we will get back to you.

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