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Providing holistic senior care is a challenge in India — while the facts and numbers around the lives of seniors have changed, facilities to keep up with them have not. Read about some of the current realities below, to help you understand what we mean.

There is a clear urgency for a dedicated senior care ecosystem that addresses the needs of seniors, especially where their physical, emotional, social, and financial well-being are concerned. At Primus, we are building an ecosystem that addresses all the above needs. And as we take this journey, we are constantly looking for partners who can fit in seamlessly within the framework of organized senior care. As a Friend of Primus, you can help us provide holistic senior care to those in need of it.

Read on to know more about how you fit into our ecosystem as a Friend of Primus.

How can you become a Friend of Primus?

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Need to know more?

Just browse our FAQs, where we’ve tried to answer as many queries about partnering with us as possible. If your concern isn’t addressed there, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly.

Join Hands

Together, we can change things

We are looking for a Friend of Primus who can join hands with us and cater to the needs of senior citizens, manage their logistics, and keep their children as well as custodians updated and aware.

Accountability and transparency are sacrosanct to us, so we evaluate all our partners based on these parameters, as well as on the quality of their products/services.

Successful Partnerships


Volunteer with us

Spending time with seniors is a wonderful thing — it is like travelling back into an era rich in stories, experience, and a life long forgotten. In return, you give seniors an emotional fulfilment that is key to their well-being.

You can choose to spend one-on-one time with seniors or help the in-house event management team with organizing activities. Alternatively, you could also start your own initiative to make a difference to the lives of the seniors you interact with — things like documenting their stories from pre-Independence days, lessons on using Social Media — whatever you choose to do, the opportunities for mutual learning and happiness are enormous.

Corporate Volunteering

We whole-heartedly welcome corporates to volunteer with us for a dedicated number of hours every week/month, depending on the requirements of the organization. At the end of the volunteering period, we will automatically generate customized reports clocking in the number of volunteering hours.

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